Four Paws Inc. is a full-scale dog grooming and specialty retail store established in 2006 by certified groomer Maria Negut. Our priority is the safety and comfort of your dogs. We treat them with love and care!

Our grooming is done by appointment only. Most dogs are groomed in less than two hours, and they are picked up once done. We only groom one dog at a time, from start to finish—and we call you with 15 minutes’ notice before completing the grooming.

Grooming Packages

Full Groom:

  • bath
  • brush
  • hair cut and styling
  • de-shedding
  • sanitary trim
  • ear cleaning
  • nail trimming
  • paws cleaning

Bath-Brush and Tidy:

This service contains everything listed in a Full Groom package minus the full body hair cut and/or de-shedding.

Single Services (by appointment only):

  • nail trimming
  • ear cleaning
  • sanitary trim
  • anal glands expression
  • head, face or feet tidy


  • Hair from the ear canal is only plucked if there is build up, wax and/or mats. Healthy ears are not plucked unless requested. Please speak with your veterinarian about what they recommend for your dog.
  • Anal glands expression is also available upon request with the Full Groom and Bath-Brush and Tidy packages. Please speak with your veterinarian about what they recommend for your dog.
  • Extreme matting can only be shaved out. No major de-matting can be performed as it is extremely uncomfortable and inhumane for the dog. Extreme mat removal subject to additional charges.
  • Prices will vary according to the size, breed, coat condition and temperament of dog.
  • Regretfully, we cannot offer cat grooming services.

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